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2009 is the 80th anniversary of Russian motorcycles.

IZH were the first Russian motorcycles, manufactured in 1929. Mass production of IZH motorcycles was started in 1946. Since than over 12 million IZH motorcycles has been manufactured. Today IZHEVSK MOTORCYCLES is the top OEM Russian motorcycle manufacturer with almost full production cycle.

JSC IZHEVSK MOTORCYCLES is the part of IZHMASH industial corporation, which is well known all over the world for its famous products - IZH motorcycles, IZH automobiles, IZH machine tools, Kalashnikov AK-47 machine gun and other weaponry. For over two centuries IZH brand has been the guarantee of quality.IZH-1, 1929

The most famous IZH motorcycles are:

Planeta-Sport (PS) 650 ROTAX

IZH motorcycles are very popular in many countries of the Middle and Far East, Eastern Europe, Central Africa and South America because of their high endurance and reliability, high serviceability, high power and perfomance, easy maintenance and low price.

One of the biggest suppliers of spare parts for IZH and other Russian motorcycles like URAL, JAWA, MINSK, DNEPR, ZID is MOTOMIR Co. – wholesale and retail orders.


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